What’s new from Versace?

Every fashion guru dreams about having an outfit by Versace, but not many can afford it. Even so, it is worth the investment. Versace is one of the most (if not THE MOST) famous designers of all times; when you want to find out what piece to wear next season, you take a look at the new collection. What is new this year?

  • Animal print and safari colors. For the next season, Versace wants to spotlight the power of women. They should not be expected to wear pink and delicate materials. A stylish girl can rock in a khaki vest as well as a man. Girls all over the world have adopted this trend, and they look better than ever!
  • Colored uniforms and pink. In the pre-spring collection, Versace presented a series of delicate, feminine pieces that will make you feel light and powerful. From latex to lace, fluid dresses, and wide pants; everything is meant to empower the modern woman.
  • Corolla skirts and asymmetric pieces. If you did not update your wardrobe for this winter, you can be inspired from the new winter collection. Versace brings you back in the 60’s, with the “spy woman” being in the center of the collection. A long, simple jacket is sweetened with a delicate slit, and black is combined with red, purple, or blue.
  • Maxi accessories. For a great outfit, you need some amazing accessories. Forget about those small earrings that you wear all the time. Go for statement pieces, like colored sunglasses and plastic necklaces. The bags have to be big, colored, and covered with gems that will help you shine in the snow. Bottom line - any brave, courageous piece will be in fashion in the next months.

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