What's the difference between a fad and a fashion statement?

In the world on technological advancement, style and fashion always seems to be changing. It is impossible to stay stylish without following the trend and fashion. However, a deeper understanding of the difference between a fad and a fashion statement will enable you to win a fashion fueled guessing game. 

A fad:

A fad is something which gains fast and quick popularity among people, such as clothing, exercises, foods, hairstyles; exercises or toys. Fads can be defined as an extreme enthusiasm for anything that is shared by a larger group over a specific period of time. In simple words, any living, eating, or dressing style to be followed for a specific period of time is a “Fad”. Social media today is considered a bigger fad which has now evolved in a trend.

A fashion statement:

A fashion statement is something that occurs on a small scale. Any eating, dressing, and living pattern to be adopted as a status symbol is characterized as a “fashion statement”. A fashion statement is adopted in order to look different from others and to grab the attention of a larger audience. Such things as pink hair, the grunge look, high heels and skinny jeans are fashion statements. If enough people follow suit, it becomes fashion. The celebrities are the major inventors who make fashion statements with their personalities, clothing, way of talking, and living styles – anything to stand out from the crowd and get attention.


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