Top Three 2016 Summer Looks

SUMMER’S HERE! Celebrities and the runway have fashionistas inspired everywhere. And here’s what you need to embrace when it is time to make those summer wardrobe choices.

T-shirt under Tanks

This is a trend that the Kardashian/Jenner girls, Kim and Kylie, have clearly started again. Again? Yes, this was the trend back in the late 90’s when you had to wear a baby-T under your tank top. A tank top or a spaghetti top that is considered high risk to wear makes it easy to wear when you have that t-shirt underneath that covers all the right things. This layered look is successfully trending again!

Straight-Legged Jeans

Say ‘Bye-Bye’ to your skinny jeans and the low-waist pair of jeans you’ve had in your closet for almost a decade! Straight legged jeans are back and have been trending all summer. This is a great trend for all Levi’s 501 lovers. These straight-legged jeans are ideal if cropped at the bottom and are a total must-have this summer. These usually come high-waisted and the high-waisted look gives you the perfect booty; show off your mid-rib as you pair your straight-legged jeans with a cool summer crop-top. The whole ensemble will make you look leaner and ultra-slim.

One-shoulder tops and dresses

These have made a huge trend this summer. Both tops and dresses are getting it on with an off-the-shoulder or a one-shoulder design. Thanks to the designers like Versace who featured this look on the runways recently. So your little black dress, your trusted white ruffled top, wrap tops, have all gone one-shoulder. Be it satin, silk, casual, printed, jersey or cotton, every style and material is getting this summer look.


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