Style Tips to Look Your Best at Work

For the average person, dressing for office is a tiresome chore, rather than a means to make an impression at work. The manner in which you dress and the style and cut of your clothing could have quite a bearing on how you're perceived by coworkers. Here are some basic, useful style tips you might be unaware of, and that will help you look your best at work: 

The tie
Tying a good knot isn't all there is to wearing ties well. There are several other things to consider. One of the most common mistakes people make is getting the length wrong. The end of your tie shouldn't be lower or higher than the point where your belt line begins. Also, pay attention to the combination of the tie and the shirt – avoid clashing colors and patterns, and take your time to match a good pair. Lastly, a simple tip for choosing the right size of ties is to go for thin ones if you have a thin frame, and vice versa. 

The cut of your clothes
Few people bother to have their clothes fitted and custom-made anymore. But the fact remains that clothes originally tailored to fit you usually look remarkably better than store-bought ones. Tailored clothes fit you perfectly, whereas you usually find a complaint or two regarding the fit of store-bought clothes. 

The cardinal rule for shoes is that the color must always match that of your belt. Always. It's another thing a surprisingly large number of people forget, or are ignorant of. Also, make sure the buckle of the belt isn't overtly stylish. Go for the understated, rather than the flashy. In shoes, it's usually recommended that you wear Oxford's, being relatively more formal in appearance.


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