Must Have Summer Bags for 2015

Summer 2015 is going to be perfect year to experiment with your handbags. From satchels to sling bags, from envelopes to totes, there’s a time for every hand bag to come out this year. So let’s see. 

Sling Bags
Slings are again going to be popular in 2015. It is so because they are comfortable, sort of sporty and feminine at the same time and has the right size to carry essentials. 

Clutch hand bags will be seen in a variety of designs and prints this year. Not to forget the beautiful embellishments on these make it perfect for larger than life events. 

Small handbags
Whether in duo tone or in soft metallic, small handbags are going to make a big style statement this year. 

Minaudière Bags
These miniature decorative bags are excellent to be carried on elite events because they are an absolute classic alternate for evening bags. 


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