Manage Hair in Monsoons

When the monsoons arrive, the weather is undoubtedly one of the best with soft breeze and trees painted a different color of green. However, this also the weather which spells disaster for hair and can mean frizzy locks and unkempt look due to flattened hair.
Here are some tips that will help you maintain your hair during tricky monsoons.

Avoid brushing wet hair
In monsoons, you should never comb your hair when wet as they are weak and can easily break. Use a hair dryer to dry the hair all the while running your fingers through them to prevent them from entangling. Use a hair dryer with a diffuser so that you can avoid burning or singeing.

Conditioning is very essential
Do not forget to condition your hair after you wash them. The excessive moisture in monsoons tend to make your hair frizzy that can only be controlled when your hair has been conditioned properly. You can also by anti frizz serums if you have curly or hair perm which can frizz excessively during monsoons. Do not color or perm your hair until the monsoon is over. Buy conditioners that are rich in avocado.

Take protein rich diet
During monsoons, the other thing that will protect your hair from splitting over your head is by eating a diet that is rich in protein. You can also make protein rich hair packs that will do just as good for your hair. Blend a fine mix of egg white with olive oil and apply to your hair. Leave it on for at least before washing with a mild shampoo. If you experience hair loss o breakage then you need to get in touch with a dermatologist for a treatment.

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