What a woman should do when she ruins her hair

You probably have your favorite hairstyle, but you wanted to change it. Just looking at celebrities you wanted same hairstyle as Kim Kardashian or someone else. In many cases this ends up with a disaster, and your hair gets ruined! This is a common problem, so there is a solution. Maybe you aren’t going to like it, but you don’t have option B.

Trying to just dye your hair, and solve the problem, won’t work! Going from dark to light requires several bleach sessions, which means it is dangerous for your hair. Also, going dark to go light isn’t recommended. For example, if you are a dark blonde, but you want to go platinum, all you need to do is to do highlights. When your hair is healthy again, you can do more serious treatments. Sadly, you will have to cut your hair if it is seriously damaged. Maybe you want to have Victoria’s Secret mermaid hair, so, you must remove all dead and damaged hair. But, it will grow again, stronger than ever.

Using your flat iron or curling iron is something that you use every day. Well, now, you must stop it. Because your hair is damaged, using any of the hot tools will be even more harmful for your hair. So, you should rock a braid, low bun or a ponytail for a 2 weeks. After that period, you can have your desired hairstyle. Equally important is not to wash your hair every day (maybe it sounds bad, but you must do it). Wash it 2-3 times a week. And, don’t pull on your hair. Be gentle and use proper brush.

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