Short, straight and extraordinary hairstyles for 2015

Your hair says a lot about you. Luckily, you control your hairstyle, so, you decide what it will ‘’say’’ to other people. Short hair shows to people around you that you have self-confidence and that you can do anything you want. Straight hair looks modern and interesting. If you combine short and straight, you get many haircuts that will look great on you.

One of the hairstyles you can try will give you a slight bevel and it has a heavy perimeter. Hair is longer at the front and shorter at the back. A chic finish is achieved by cutting even from front to back. If you like it, all you need to do is to apply a styling product to your hair (it has to be wet). Use a styling brush and blow dry the hair smooth. Then, use thermal protection to the hair and smooth it with a flat iron. Finally, apply serum to maximize shine. The best serum is Gloss Drops. It will give to your hair that special luminous finish. This hairstyle is the best for women with wider face shapes.

For your next haircut, you can wear your hair forward. This will make your hairline look like a fringe. The hair is shorter on the bottom. If you want to try it, start by applying a styling product to your hair (wet). Use a styling brush and blow dry the hair smooth. Then, apply thermal protection and smooth your hair with a flat iron. This hairstyle suits best for women with heart face shape, who have hair with medium density and texture.


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