Prom hairstyles

Prom is one of the most important events in every girls life. Maybe not for every girl, but most of them dream of having a gorgeous dress, perfect makeup, and also great hair.

They all want to look like a princess, and who knows, maybe some of them will become a prom queen.

So if you still haven't decided what to do with your hair, we will try to help you.

Soft Tease - this hairstyle looks amazing like you are coming from a fairytale. It is not too hard to do it.

First you need to make a deep side part while you are sectioning off your bangs. Then you should brush them to one side.

After you did it, back-comb the hair at your crown to create a lift. If you want more smooth and sophisticated look pat down top layer down.

Then sweep your hair to one side, it should be behind your ear, and then secure at the back of your head with a vertical line of bobby pins,

You should roll your hair back inward, against the bobby pins, and then you will create a twist.

Use U-shaped pins to lock it. Set with strong-hold.

Silky Curls - Use a texturizing product while your hair is freshly washed, and blow-dry it with a diffuser.

Put a little bit of wax on your fingertips, sweep your hair to one side, it should be loosed. On the same side, separate a three-inch section, place it above your ear and roll upward into a twist and bobby-pin it.

Gently brush out the rest of your hair, and your curls will be soft.


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