Best Tips for Curly Hair

Have curly hair? Take notes. Firstly, the best length for your type of hair is when it reaches your shoulder or it is even longer. Secondly – layers, layers, layers. Have your hairdresser cut your hair with a few layers so that it does not look heavy on the bottom or boxy, says prominent hairstylist Garren of Garren New York salon. The layers should start at the level of your chin and go all around your head. Good examples of such styles are Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicole Kidman. This haircut keeps the coils as full and long as possible. The layers, however, must not be too short, in order to avoid your hair looking poufy.


If you are not a fan of longer hair which can be quite high-maintenance, go for short. Who says short is not for girls with curls? The best look is having 2 or 3 inches long hair all around the head. Bear in mind that hair should contour the shape of your head. Razor cuts should be avoided at all cost because they can make the cuticle rough and exacerbate frizz.


When it comes to washing curly hair, stylists agree that less is more. Shampoo only when you really have to – if you have very fine hair, than apply it every other day. Women with thick hair should shampoo once a week. Experts advise that curly hair should be rinsed with water on the days when shampoo is not applied. Products containing shea butter, avocado oil or palm oil are good because the help reduce frizz as they dry.   



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