A Three-Tier Pony Awaits You If You Have Long Hair And Some Rubber-Bands

If you happen to have long hair, you are blessed with the  possibility of some of the most exquisite hairstyles in the world. This is the situation where almost any hairstyle is going to suit you. If you feel the heat of the summers a bit beyond comfort level, do think of donning the pony tail. They are a bit outdated, but the heat of the summers leaves you  without a lot of options.

You can infuse a fresh life into what was once boring and monotonous by introducing some amount of novelty in your pony-tail. Think of dividing or braiding your hair into different sections, and use a rubber-band to make separate pony-tails of each of them. This way, you are going to have three different pony-tails instead of just one. And it is going to look thrice as better.

You can add a bit of novelty into the boring pony-tails by twisting the first lot of pony-tails over the middle one. For the best results, do think of looping this with the first pony-tail and use the last layer to mix with the middle one. You are heading towards one of the most popular hairstyles in the history of mankind. Everyone, including queens and princesses, had this kind of hairstyle and  their hair glowed with the magic of the pony-tail.

This is a tribute to what the ladies did with their hair in the era of the 1990s. A bit of innovation and style can always be added by changing the hairstyle for the tuft of hair on the crown. And all you need for this kind of hairstyle is a clean fine tooth comb and some hair clips. Of course, a couple of rubber-bands to tie the hair are also going to be required.


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