What is gothic glamour?

When you think about a gothic outfit, what comes in your mind? Black, silver, a lot of piercings and chains, messy hairstyle and leather with spikes? Well, fashion is more versatile than ever, and nowadays gothic can be classy and glamorous, not only dark and eerie. What is gothic glamour?

In the last years, the gothic phenomenon took a turn and now many of the outfits are combined with elements that we would have never placed next to black. Most of the people who adopt the gothic style will still wear a leather jacket, but now you can see pink glitter on that jacket, or a golden, shiny zipper on the front.

The trend of gothic glamour is not only popular in clothing, but also in make-up. Gothic make-up is not for anyone, as you need a good technique and personality to wear that much black. Heavy eyeliner and red lips; this was the standard. How about now? Well, now you must add a good base, learn how to blend the different shades of black and get a pair of luxurious eyelashes to finish the look. The lipstick is still red, but a more classic shade and without the dark contour.

This trend is proof that anyone can express their personality and still follow the fashion. Every day we see more stars adopting this style; it is edgy and interesting, but elegant and suitable for many occasions. Thanks to the new changes, it is much more accessible and a black dress can be elegant and stylish even if worn with ‘goth’ makeup.

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