Vigilant Lilypad Pool Monitor

We all love a swim in the pool no matter what time it is, especially the kids. But, swimming when the sun is at its peak is not just a stupid idea but is literally dangerous. Some may wonder how it can be dangerous as its just water. Well, if the sun is at its peak temperature, the hot water can cause nasty irritation on your skin. Then comes the UV rays from the sun which is responsible for giving you some of the nastiest sun burns ever.  So, how does this pool monitor help?
Well, for starters this is smart pool thermometer. It not only gives you the temperature of the water but also the UV levels. It has a companion app that is to be downloaded and is free for both Android as well as IOS.  When the sun is strong, not only does it cause red sunburn but too much exposure to UV rays can lead to harmful diseases like melanoma cancer. A survey has revealed that up to 90% of the skin prone diseases and cancers globally are a result of too much exposure to UV rays.
Lillypad pool monitor comes with a UV sensor, On/Off button, Bluetooth and Temperature Sensor. Temperature sensor is a high precision thermometer that measures the temperature in real time. Lillypad is available in 4 different but beautiful colours which you can pick accordingly to suit your pool decor. The different colours are Red, Blue, Green and Pink. Lillypad uses 4AA batteries and is assured to last up to four months.


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