The no-chip shellac manicure

As a woman, you want to have perfect nails all the time. You spend quite a lot of money for this and still you have to struggle to keep your manicure chip-free.

Is there a solution for this? Of course there is! Shellac Nails. If you haven’t heard about Shellac manicure before, prepare yourself to be amazed.

Shellac is a long-wearing manicure (something like acrylic nails) that is supposed to last for weeks. Unlike gel or acrylic nails, the Shellac is a mixture of nail polish and gel that will not chip or be scratched. Have you ever worked hard while having gel nails? Then you know how bad they can get, and how difficult it is to keep them clean and nice looking.

The big advantage of it is that because it does not contain only gel, it does not damage your nails as much as a gel manicure does. Many women complain that their nails are very thin and fragile after removing the gel nails, but this is not the case when it comes to Shellac. Is there a disadvantage? It contains nail polish, so it is practically impossible to use it to make your nails look longer. You can’t have it all!

If you don’t understand why you should get a Shellac manicure instead of a classic manicure, the answer is simple: your nails will not be chipped, broken, or stained for the entire time you have the Shellac on. This means that you can go on vacation with your manicure done and come back you’re your nails looking as fabulous as they did the first day.

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