Pros and cons of dying your own hair

Dyeing your own hair is sometimes a real temptation, especially when you want to change your look in the moment. Besides, many women don’t trust hair salons and they prefer to do everything on their own. If you are considering this option, first take a look at the pros and cons of dyeing your own hair:

  • Pro: You save a few hundred dollars. Dyeing your hair in a professional salon can be pretty expensive, and it could cost you even more if you want to get a last minute appointment. Even more, they will charge extra for any detail. Do you want highlights? Then prepare your credit card!
  • Con: Not all the products that you find in the store are professional. You might be lucky and find a hair dye that is really good. At the same time, you can be unlucky and wake up with a strange color or worse split ends. In a salon they use only professional products and you don’t have to worry about the results (at least most of the time).
  • Pro: You can get exactly what you want. I am sure this happened to you before: you go to the hairstylist asking for some subtle highlights, and you go home with red and purple hair. When you do this on your own, you can choose the color and the intensity of it.
  • Con: You don’t know any technique. Even if you do find a good hair dye, the result will not be a stylish hairstyle and color. You are not a professional and you don’t know the techniques that you have to use to obtain ombre hair or nice highlights. It’s better to invest your money and make an appointment to the salon, instead of experimenting on yourself. 

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