Oversized everything is the new glamour on the street

The extra puffy jacket and oversize sweaters with scarfs that could easily be confused with blankets - that is what the new glamour is on the streets. Everybody seems to be on the same page when it comes to making everything oversized.  

So, if winter has not arrived yet, stack yourself with the exclusive oversize sweaters, which will not only help you stay warm but also keep you trendy. So hurry because winter is coming and once the weather begins to cool, we will be craving for those big coats and wide pants.  

Bring in the long scarfs, the puffy sleeves, the Gucci sandals, the roll necks, all in three or four sizes bigger than one's size. This kind of fashion on the streets is thanks to celebrities, namely perhaps Carrie Bradshaw, who was seen with boyfriend jeans, a big fluffy coat, and the RayBan aviators. It seems like we are obsessed with going oversize. 

Oversized parkas worn with maxi skirts are included in this oversize trend. Depending on your skin tone, wear a color that favors your skin.

The trend includes saying goodbye to tailored suits. Say hello to double-breasted, exaggerated lapels to create an oversized and roomy silhouette. 

Even the covered-up shapeless dress has found its way in so don't be afraid to wear it.  Add some killer accessories and a turtleneck, like Victoria Beckham. 

Get those super baggy pants on and blend them with a quilted jacket of similar color and you got yourself a nice look. Don't forget to make crazy combinations. 


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