May Must Have

With the month of May here with us there are some certain items which are must haves for any fashion forward individual. In this list of May must haves we have considered all weather aspects so as to ensure that you are not left with no option in an event that it rains. We hope that this May Must Haves will help you ditch fur and embrace boho chic.
Think of culottes as a daring introduction to change up your work wardrobe. With culottes the best thing that you can do so as to achieve the perfect look is to keep it simple. You can be able to keep proportion balanced and prevent it from swamping smaller frames by wearing fitted tops or crops on top of it. When working with culottes also ensures that you are careful in counteracting bold colors on top and with shades which are softer below. For a look which is more casual, I would suggest that you go for a white satin version. In addition to that ensure that you stick to the basics.
Last year Camis slowly made a comeback and come 2015 there is no sign that they are going to stop in fact camis are proving to be a good investment that you can make right now. Cami is usually loved by many due to the fact that they are easy to wear. In addition to that it showcases one’s curves as well as the boyish figure effortlessly. Consider pairing it up with a cropped tee and tights underneath so as to see you through during cold days.


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