Keep Wrinkles At Bay With These Tips For Skin Care

The skin is one of the biggest screens displaying information about yourself and your health. It also displays information on your age. Wrinkles begin to set in as soon as one approaches old age, and they could be really embarrassing for ladies in their 30s. A large part of the issue is handles by your genes, so you can do very little about it. But you can avoid wrinkles appearing on the skin, or at least you can take efforts at delaying their onset.

The first tip for those who want a recipe to be free from wrinkles is to stay  away from direct sun. Exposure to the sun's rays creates a favorable conditions for the development of signs of aging on the skin. The sun's rays also contain ultraviolet radiation that have a detrimental capability with respect to the skin.

To avoid all this, do use a sunscreen with yourself whenever you venture out. Sunscreens have SPF or Sun Protection Factor ratings. It is indicative of the time you can spend in the sun with the cream on without damaging the skin. An SPF on a lotion or a cream implies you can spend about 50 minutes in the sun with the cream or lotion on without damaging the skin in any manner.

Another way to keep the skin young is to keep a tab on the sugar levels in the blood. High blood sugar levels are known to damage the skin's collagen. Keep a minimum consumption of sweet substances including sodas and colas when you want a healthy skin.

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