Glamour and Food: A deadly combination

Food is the fuel of our being alive. While the general norms dictate that food is used for gulping down our hunger. However, the food that we have in our day-to-day life cannot etch any particular glamorous streak in our memories. The regular chicken wings and streaks, burgers, etc. can as forgettable as a fly but the some foods have glamour written all over them. While some cuisines have been known to be exotic especially the oriental and the Indian ones, the continental European cuisines are the ones that offer you glamour on a plate.

Search for glamorous food begins and ends in Italy after roaming all over Europe. No one can beat the elegant delicacy of Italian food as Tortellini along with other assortment of sides, which can evoke the most intense food-desire in any individual. Caviar, probably the most sought after glamorous food has its origin in Italy. The rest of Europe also has its share in the rich and glamorous cuisines.

The most famous delicacy that has been used since times immemorial is Chocolate. Some of the famous and enriching chocolate desserts are the chocolate ganache, chocolate fondue, chocolate dipped strawberries etc. Other foods that can be glamorous and delicious include butter-poached lobsters, foie grass, dressed up or down Oysters with Rockefeller and mignonette sauce, truffles and others. Even vegan preparations can be glamorous like Asparagus topped up with Hollandaise; a Parisian crusty, chewy yet piping hot baguette can be equally enticing and appetizing as their non-vegetarian counterparts.


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