Four Products from Essie for Gorgeous Nails

Women are known for meticulousness when it comes to appearance. You always want to look presentable. It does not matter if it is just an ordinary day or a special event. You will go out of your way just to make sure you have the qualities that delight the senses, from head to toe.

In grooming, nail care plays a very important role. There are people who base one's cleanliness through the nails. Your hygiene will be judged if your nails are not clean. Untidy nails can also cause bad impact to your health. Wounds get infected when scratched with dirty nails. You get germs on your food if you eat it with bare hands and filthy nails.

Probably the best part about grooming your nails is that it lets you express yourself. There are various products which you can use to embellish your nails. One of the best providers of great products for the nails is Essie. Never running out of ideas to delight nail care aficionados, Essie has become a household term for preppy women.

Essie has a lot of products for gorgeous nails. Here are four that will surely excite women who wish to have aesthetically pleasing nails.

  • Appricot Cuticle Oil - Natural Oil that gives nourishment and moisture to nails. It makes the nail smoother and suppler.
  • All In One Color Adhesive and Primer - This product can be applied on the nails before or after doing your manicure. It makes the nails stronger.
  • Fill the Gap Nutra-Keratin and Bamboo Extract - Used to base coat the nails, this product helps ward off nail imperfections in an instant.
  • Gel-Setter - Adds up to the nail's shine with or without color. It also makes the nails hard.

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