Eye makeup that you should never wear

Many women wonder that what kind of eye makeup they should wear or what kind of makeup they should avoid wearing according to their particular eye color. They have several eye makeup options to choose from. Adopting the right eye makeup style results from a great deal of experimentation. The following eye makeup should never wear if you want to get beautiful eyes.

  • Never use black eyeliner, mascara, or eyebrow pencil. It gives the wearer a harsh, hard look.
  • Never use hair dye on your eye brows. It can drip to your eyes and cause serious damage.
  • Never wear dark eye shadows for daytime – work or functions.
  • Never use pencil or dip eye liner which is not able to fix.
  • Never choose eye shadow that isn’t complimentary to your eye color.
  • Never use eye makeup which contains fragrances, preservatives, such as quaterium or phenoxyethanol.
  •  Never touch your eye with the eye liner or eye pencil. It could damage your eye badly.
  • Never rub eyeshades with your fingertips. Always blend the right combination of light, medium, and dark tones of colors with a foam swab or shadow applicator.
  • Never used colored eye liner on the edges of your eyelids. It can make you look tired.
  • Never used hard brushes to apply eye makeup. In fact, don’t use a brush at all – choose a foam or cotton-tipped applicator. This will eliminate any chance of a hair from a brush getting into your eye or scratching your eye.





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