Eva Longoria looking gorgeous and glamorous

One of the sexiest women in the world Eva Longoria never fails to impress us. Former “desperate housewife” is still turning heads wherever she goes, and Global Gift Gala event was no exception.

Everyone who has seen her was breathless, because she looked like she was coming from a fairytale.
Eva wore a black dress that highlighted her amazing figure and waist. We mustn’t forget to mention her face.
She wore her hair up, it was like a center-parted bun and she highlighted her gorgeous lips with red lipstick, while she had heavily-defined eye makeup.
What we liked about Eva’s style was that she didn’t try to look sexy or provocative. She looked amazing because she is a gorgeous woman, and she could have worn something less sophisticated, yet she decided to keep it classy and refined.

Of course paparazzi were all over her and we must admit that she “handled” the situation pretty good and professional, since she posed for the cameras like a real pro.
This talented woman isn’t just glamorous and beautiful she is also a real humanitarian, and she is quite successful when it comes to her charity work.
Everyone knows that Eva Longoria is a real philanthropist, while on the other hand she is really successful when it comes to her acting career.
She is currently making a break in the midst of filming for upcoming series of Hot & Bothered where she is both acting and producing.
It seems like Eva can do it all. She can act, produce, help people, look amazing and glamorous. She is really an amazing woman.



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