Dakota Fanning thinks is it good to be weird

For its latest issue, Glamour magazine photographed and interviewed “54 incredible” women of the United States. One of the interviewees was actor Dakota Fanning. She’s been in the movie spotlight since she was a young child. She talked about growing up in Hollywood and she spoke about why it’s good to be weird. The interview question was to define yourself and Dakota gave a fine portrayal.


In the interview, Dakota appeared to be very centered and aware of herself. She talked about how 2016 a great time for women. She has celebrated women this year and finds it easy to connect with women. Dakota encourages women to empower themselves and advises women to “love your body and who you are.”


Since she’s grown up with the same friends from high school and is happy that she did. In the interview, she described how there was a weekend when she was with her friends at a house party that was celebrating one of her friend’s sister’s graduation. They had dinner, which was Chinese food.


It was during dinner that someone asked her if she would like soy sauce, she refused flatly. Her friends were surprised; after all it was Chinese food. Didn't she like soy sauce? Of course she did, but Dakota’s friends found her weird when she replied that she likes soy sauce but did not need it right then.


Dakota goes on to say that her friend called her weird with love. It was a form of acceptance. She wasn't upset or angry about it. In fact, she knew who she was and has embraced herself for the way she is.


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