Cipriana Quann says to embrace your imperfections

What makes you beautiful? Many women have asked themselves this question many times. However, most of the time the answers that we get are not satisfying or real; we believe that a certain piece of clothing makes us beautiful, or that we need to go to the gym 5 times per week to achieve perfection. The reality is far from this.

Cipriana Quann is a real beauty icon, and for years she struggled with her body image. Although she is talented, powerful and brave, she never had the courage to accept who she really is. As a black woman in a world of white beauty, she felt that she needed to brush her hair, straighten it, and do everything in her power to feel perfect.

In Glamour magazine, Cipriana decided to destroy the myths surrounding black people’s hair and to embrace her natural self. She is now more confident than ever and she is very open about discussing how people should accept who they are no matter what.

Indeed, sometimes it can be very difficult to like what you see in the mirror simply because of the beauty standards that we feel forced to follow are not realistic. No matter what we do, we feel the need to do more, but this needs to stop here.

Cipriana is giving a lesson on how we should all look at ourselves and how we should treat our body. It does not matter where you come from or what your cultural background is, you are beautiful and you should embrace what makes you unique.

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