A Pretty Pink Hair Color for Julianne Hough

Changing of hair color has been a trend in Hollywood and one of the latest changes belongs to Julianne Hough.
A pink hair color was flaunted by the professional dancer in her Instagram account.
She stated that experimenting with her looks and styling is a thing for her. Using beauty products and tools shows her taking new looks and taking things a step further.
The dancer also explained that she feels like a beautiful unicorn with her new hair color and if everybody doubts that, she respects them all.
“There is really magical with purple hair and green eyes which perfectly fits. Blue eyes are compatible with pink dye. But when it comes to brown eyes, it really depends on the tone of the skin though they can really pull off all shades or dyes,” the dancer added.
Hough also gives a tip for the women who have rainbow-colored hair to add more make up to match the quirkiness of the hair color. In relation to mix and match, only few unicorns are able to match it with the natural look.
With her beautiful blue eyes, Julianne Hough also elaborated that people who want to use a pastel color of hair should consider their eye color to see if it will match.
She also revealed at the Create + Cultivate’s Fashion & Beauty Summit Speaker Dinner last month, that a long-term hairstyle is a serious thing for her and she couldn’t decide on what to apply or not.


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