Weird beauty treatments

You should use anything you can, that will have a positive effect on your appearance! There are many ordinary treatments that are effective and cheap. On the other side, we have beauty treatments that are, let’s say different! For some people those treatments look disgusting, but for some they are a perfect way to do something extraordinary.

One of the beauty treatments is known as ‘’vampire’’ treatment! If you thought that this treatment requires blood, you are right! Actually, the doctor is using your blood. He will take your blood (from a vein), add thrombocytes in a special machine and then they will inject that blood in your skin! You should do one treatment first, then wait one month for second and six months for a third. It cost $600. A celebrity that does this beauty treatment is Kim Kardashian.

If you don’t like having blood on your face, you can use poison! Especially toxins from bees and snakes! It is much cheaper than previous treatment. This treatment uses products that contain toxins from snakes or bees. They should have the same effect as botox, because these toxins paralyses facial muscles, so they should remove wrinkles. You should do at least 3 treatments, and one cost about $50.

If you like gold, now you can use it for your face. This treatment uses products that contain 24-karat gold. It should remove the upper layer of your skin, where dead cells are, which will make your skin soft and clean. It cost about $50 and it is effective. For those who have more money, there is a special cream that contains gold, so you can use it at home. Apparently there are many women who tried this and they are satisfied with the result.

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