Should Your Lipstick Be Thrown Out After You've Been Ill

Most women have a hard time parting with their favorite lipstick. They only throw it away because there's literally nothing left of it. Apparently, there are a couple of reasons why women should start thinking of throwing away their lipsticks, especially if they recently had a cold.

Viruses, such as the common cold, can live on lipstick and other lip products for hours. That doesn't mean that you should throw them away every time you have a cold. Can you imagine just how expensive that could be?

Many of today's makeups and cosmetics, including lipsticks, contain antimicrobial preservative compounds that are fairly effective in preventing the growth and spreading of viruses and bacteria. Even if your particular brand doesn't contain such antimicrobial compounds, you don't need to worry much as long as you're the only one using your cosmetics, lipsticks included.

As a golden rule, you should not be sharing your cosmetics anyway. That's just a sure-fire way to get sick or get other people sick. If you're using your cosmetics exclusively for yourself, then you don't need to worry about keeping the same lipstick you used when you were feeling sick or were actually sick.

The only thing that you need to do is to try and let your lipstick and other cosmetics sit for a while first. This is to allow time for the antimicrobial compounds to work their magic. A week later, and it should be safe to use your cosmetics again.

In case you really want to be safe, you can disinfect your products using alcohol wipes or alcohol swabs. You can also choose to cut the parts of the lipstick that touched your lips when you were ill, although that's pretty wasteful on your part.


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