Naked Petite Heat palette for eyeshadows

Watch out girls: Urban Decay just recently announced that they plan to launch a new naked palette and that should be enough to put you in a frenzy.

The California-based American cosmetics brand announced the news via their Instagram to everyone's surprise. The name is Naked Petite Heat palette.

A girl can never have too many eyeshadow palettes and the Naked Petite Heat palette is definitely a must-have for girls who love their eyeshadows (which is pretty much every girl in the world).

Perhaps what was even more unexpected is who the brand chose to model for the Petite Heat campaign. Urban Decay founder Wende Zomnir announced that modeling the Naked Petite Heat palette will be none by other than Nicole Ritchie.

Just a quick refresher, Urban Decay launched Naked Heat last summer. It was their first Naked palette launch in roughly two years. It was an instant hit. Girls loved what was essentially a copper and rust version of Urban Decay's previous offerings. However, it wasn't exactly the most travel-friendly, which meant girls had to make the choice of leaving it at home when they are out and about.

The Naked Petite Heat palette aims to change things. The mini version of the Naked Heat Palette is a travel-friendly, six-shade palette that'll give you everything you need to doll up your eyes and keep it that way all day long.

At just $29 compared to the $54 for the full version, the Naked Petite Heat palette presents itself as a more budget-friendly option. Not only that but because it saves a lot of space, it is easier to carry in your handbag.

The Naked Heat Basics palette was made available in the United States last month. Meanwhile, it hit Canadian and European store shelves earlier this month. Expect it to be available in Mexico sometime after May 1.

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