Kate Middleton’s Secrets to Glossy, Glamorous Hair

The stunning, blow-dried to perfection hair, can be characterized as a trademark of Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge. If you want to have the same look  here is what you need to do.

1. Slightly rough-dry your hair first

Tip your head upside-down, use your fingers to comb through the hair to smooth out tangles. If you don’t do that, you will get it too dry and having a shiny, smooth finish after the blow dryer will be impossible.

2. Use Argan Oil

After rough-drying your hair, use Argan oil by rubbing a few drops on your palms and applying it from the mid length to the ends of the hair.

3. Don’t blow dry almost dry hair

Hair cuticles are dead cells that form on the hair shafts. You need to smooth the cuticles. Leaving your hair 70% wet, will allow the cuticles to smooth down while using the dryer and a brush. If your hair is too dry, the cuticles will stay roughened and your hair won’t shine.

4. Use a boar bristle brush

A boar bristle brush has half of the bristles pointing outwards to grab the hair, while the rest of the bristles are positioned flat on their side so that they can smooth the cuticles.

5. Blow-dry hair in sections

For a shiny hair, use a comb to make small sections of your hair. Use clips to hold the rest of the hair out of your way. Dry the back sections of your hair first. When dry, wrap the sections in Velcro rollers to make soft waves. Leave the rollers in for about 15 minutes.

 6. Argon Oil to finish

Use a tiny amount of Argan oil on your palms, spread it between your fingers, and lightly smooth it over the dry hair. This will give your hair that signature Kate shine.



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