Get Some Thick Eyebrows From Something As Simple As Massaging The Eyebrows

There was a time when thin eyebrows were in vogue. There was a lot of plucking of eyebrows and a lot of threading done to create thin eyebrows. A black pencil was even employed to help here. But the trend has changed now. Thick eyebrows are the latest craze of the town.

You can also get some thick eyebrows, anyone can get them. There are a lot of beauty products available in the open market that boast of having the potential to foster hair-growth. The only flip side of these beauty products is that they tend to be counter-productive when they lead to some negative side-effects. Some of them are known to be quite bad, and you are bound to stay away from all artificial and synthetic products in the market that say they can achieve a miracle.

It is best to maintain a safe distance from such products. Always go for methods that don't employ any synthetic or artificial products. You can try massaging the area around the eyebrows on a regular basis. This is sure to boost the circulation of blood around the area of your eyes. You can even massage using some olive-oil. Do it everyday and do it for five minutes everyday. Visible results in the form of thick eyebrows are bound to appear in a few days.

The massaging of your eyebrows is effectively done with the help of some Vaseline, or it could be castor-oil, or some almond-oil. A mixture of almond-oil and fenugreek seed paste can also be used on one's eyebrows with the result that they shall grow thick and beautiful.


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