Do Think Of Using Aloe Vera When You Are Faced With The Problem Of A Dry Skin

Dry skin is easily tackled using any of the moisturizing lotions available in the market. But considering the potentials they have for giving way to ugly side-effects, you are bound to reconsider using them, and think of safer and better ways to get a soft and gentle skin.

In the normal course, the outer layer of the skin has a natural oil-producing factory that takes care of the dry skin. But if you live in a place with an arid weather, or have been taking a lot of showers, you are likely to get some dry skin.

Think of a milk bath when you are plagued with a dry skin. Milk contains lactic-acid which is instrumental in removing dead skin cells and raises the potential of the skin to hold moisture. This can be effectively remedied using a piece of cloth dipped in milk. Let the milk soaked in the cloth work its magic for about five minutes. Rinse the milk gently, taking care not to let the lactic acid flow away.

Get into a tub filled with warm water with some Epsom salt added to it. Rub the affected area with some Epsom salt. This is a sure way to leave your skin moisturized and soft.

Aloe vera gel can be used effectively to get rid of a dry skin. The acid content of aloe vera is known to devour dead skin cells in the body. The gel can be obtained by slicing  a leaf of aloe vera from the base and using a knife to slice it open. Use a spoon to scoop out the gel.


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