At Home Ingredients For Shiny Hair

How many of us have spent endless amounts of money on products like shampoos, conditioners, serums and leave-ins, only to realize that most of them were not even suitable for your hair?

Well, going the natural way and using the right set of ingredients from your kitchen is an easy way to give you the shine your hair deserves, while saving money.

Those healthy items that work wonders inside of your body can work wonders on the outside too! Dull, brittle hair can be brought back to life with a handful of things you can easily find at home like apple cider vinegar, oils like coconut or olive oil, lemon and fresh eggs! Here are a few ways to achieve shiny hair using kitchen ingredients:

  • Use this mixture for a final rinse to give your hair a glow: 2tsp vinegar, lemon juice or one whole lemon and a cup of water.
  • Treat dry and damaged hair with a 20 minute hair mask made up of 2 egg yolks mixed with a little bit of vinegar. The mask enables the hair to absorb as many nutrients from this mixture and after rinsing, you will get the shine you were yearning for!
  • To those allergic to eggs, for lovely shiny hair, warm almond oil and massage gently into scalp and hair. Leave it in for half an hour and rinse as usual.
  • Use mayonnaise as a hair mask and rinse it out after 20 mintues to get that shine in your hair.
  • For absolutely dry hair, try doing a tea rinse as a final rinse; it helps to hydrate your tresses and also gives it a healthy shine. 

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