All about Hair Straighteners

 We all want hair that looks good and is also easy to style every day. Women want the latest hair styles that often include soft, shiny straight hair that looks good no matter what. For many women, this is a tall order. Hair that is thick, wavy or curly, frizzy and generally unruly can take hours to blow dry and style every day, and the heat from the styling tools can dry hair out making it even harder to tame.

Hair straighteners can offer coarse hair types months of relief and easy styling. A typical treatment can last from 3 to 4 months and depending on the natural texture of your hair, will significantly reduce curls or waves to completely straight or slightly wavy.

It is important to understand all the risks of using hair straightening treatments before you use it. It isn’t for everyone. The straightener is a chemical after all and can do some real damage. For instance, if you have thin or frail hair, the straightener can damage you hair structure and essentially fry the hair strands. It should not be used if you have recently dyed your hair or used another chemical process.

Caring for your hair with the proper intensive moisturizer after your treatment can make the difference between good looking straight hair or fried and dry straight hair. Make sure to read all directions and follow the timing chart exactly if you are doing this yourself, which is the cheapest option. Using a salon can costs hundreds of dollars, but you are more likely to get the results you want.


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